Executive Coaching


Executive coaching is a process designed for the individual. Coaching is conducted one-on-one for a defined period of time and with a specific purpose in mind. It helps leaders develop skills and strategies to increase their impact and enhance the value they bring to the organization.

Some outputs include:

  • Understanding of the current level of success
  • Setting goals to greater success
  • Build a customized development plan for meeting and exceeding goals.

The International Coach Federation’s Global Coaching Client Study reported a median return of 7 times the initial investment.

The Manchester Review study calculated ROI of 5.7 times the initial investment in coaching. 75% of the sample surveyed indicated the value of coaching was “considerably greater” or “far greater” than the money and time invested.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the ROI for companies investing in coaching was 7 times the initial investment.

Benefits of executive coaching:

  • Increased career confidence
  • Greater fulfillment in life and business
  • Enhanced work-life balance
  • Sharper interpersonal skills
  • Reduced stress

* Pricing – $150 per hour, billed in 30-minute increments – conducted on phone or video conferencing. Face to face coaching is available, travel time and expenses billed in addition.

* Schedule a no-cost consultation to see if this will work for you Is this right for you?

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