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Public Speaking


All sessions are customized for your organization with our Session Preparation Call. In this call we will identify key topics and ideas to make sure the talk achieves all the goals of the session.

Topics/themes of most speeches come from 25 years of public speaking and 18 years of building a healthcare consulting company,, that started from $0 in revenues in my garage toolshed to a multi-million dollar operation with employees/consultants across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Motivational Speeches – inspiring people to change

  • How to set goals that are clear and challenging and achieve them
  • How to create a strong stage presence as an industry professional
  • Inspirational topics
  • The difference between good and great
  • Understanding your natural wiring and using it to be a champion
  • The joys and sorrows of starting a business
  • How to create a healthy work/life balance

Cultural Change within an organization

  • How to build strong teams across sectors in an organization
  • The importance of creating mini-CEO’s in an organization
  • How to think like an entrepreneur
  • How to build a dynamic business development program
  • The importance of employees over customers
  • Building a company history and legacy
  • Resolving workplace conflict


  • The challenges and pitfalls of team building
  • Managing internal and external resources
  • How to lower employee attrition
  • How to attract and retain valuable employees
  • The first 90 days – keep them or lose them


  • What does leadership look like in today’s culture
  • How to develop strong leaders
  • Real examples of effective leadership development
  • How to make leaders better public speakers
  • Managing difficult client relationships
  • Creating a winning culture of ethics and integrity
  • Building an effective elevator pitch
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If you would like to hire Chuck to speak at your conference or other function, or if you’d like to inquire about executive coaching, please use the contact button below. We’re excited to partner with your organization.